Emergency Fund - Kneses Israel synagogue of Sea Gate


The noise was totally out of place with the post-midnight stillness of our leafy, tucked-away corner of Brooklyn, but the flames leaping out of the roof of our century-old synagogue made us quickly forget any late night stillness. Our proud synagogue that served us so faithfully just a few years ago, as the command center in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, was succumbing to a ferocious fire.

The flames were finally controlled, and we found the roof gone, the sanctuary blackened, everything smelling from smoke and that unmistakable stench of fresh water-damage. The paperwork begins and the unending assessments will continue.

For the past 26 years, we have been the Chabad emissaries serving the Sea-Gate community. Our synagogue has its doors open and is welcoming Jews from all walks of life who mesh together as one extended family. 

A multitude of programs and events are scheduled for the upcoming weeks and months. The damage is extensive, and there’s no word on when we will be able to return to the building.

We need temporary space to serve as the beacon for our community. Please respond in our hour of need. Whatever you can give, will help us get back to work!

Rabbi Chaim & Rivkah Brikman

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Goal $75,000


DONATED $63,620

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Howie Londner
Sharon Siber $150.00
R. Rosenblum
in memory of Leah Devorah Bas Tevel Dovid
Michael Weinstein
Ten Times Chai book
Gerald Beckman $18.00
Rabbi S. & Rebitzin Bitya Aschkenazi $1,000.00
Alliance Flooring in honor of Chabad of Sea-Gate $1,000.00
Moshe & Ornellka Wholhendler $100.00
Sea Gate Festival Starr $200.00
Tamir and Sabina Zak
Reuven Roman Zak
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