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You can still help us reach our goal of $360,000

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Chabad at Oberlin has been a home away from home for the past seven years for students but now it is time for Chabad to have a new home as well.

We have purchased a wonderful property in the heart of Oberlin's campus and have begun construction, and now we need your partnership to complete the construction. The new property is located at 214 W. College street and will feature a dining room large enough to accommodate the ever-growing crowds, a library/classroom, and a guest suite for visitors. Additionally in a separate building behind the main Chabad House will be a student lounge where students will have 24 hour access to a space of their own, study, and even grab a kosher nosh.

Please think of partnering generously, as each dollar you contribute will be doubled.

Thank you for helping to build the Jewish future and impacting many generations.

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Goal $360,000


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to all of Oberlin's Jewish students
Paul Pollack
In honor of Tuvia and Leah Schottenstein
Rob Calhoun & Elizabeth Wilmer $108.00
Joe Tishkoff $72.00
Obed Garcia $72.00
Jerry and Linda Schroeder
Rami Teeter
Alan Wengrofsky $36.00
Rachel Blacker $36.00
Erik Richmond $1,080.00
Molly Ross
With gratitude and appreciation
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