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Thanks for visiting my page and meeting the real life figure behind Yagdil Torah's existence. This is our would be 15 year old Menachem Mendle a"h. He is my Forever Baby. You see him above at his pidyon haben, a week before he suddenly and shockingly passed away. At that celebration we had no inkling of the future awaiting us. We had the burial, Shiva and a drive to do something that could be as great as our Menachem Mendle a"h obviously was.
And now B"h, after many years of time, energy and prayers Yagdil Torah is our teenager. And much like a regular teenager it is growing stronger and bigger b'h.
Please join with me in raising Yagdil Torah from strength to strength, so that our influence should continue to be felt throughout our expanding community more and more. I know Menachem Mendle a"h loves all the learning that is done through Yagdil Torah, and it gives him tremendous nachas from us.
Please give as generously as you can, and I thank you in advance for your kind donation

Team Short Link: matchathon.com/yagdil/team/3013 (Click link to copy)

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Anash, This One’s for Us!
Yagdil Torah, dedicated to providing Torah learning for Anash, needs you to participate in our annual fundraising drive.
Those wishing to donate via Paypal or CashApp:
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Donate $54 or more to our annual campaign and enter the raffle to win something priceless! Details below.
Our work at Yagdil Torah benefits many people you know and care about, possibly yourself, and we’re confident you’d like to be among those that help Torah learning flourish.
Your donation  goes towards what makes it all happen! Organizers, presenters, designers, writers, translators, programmers, office management, marketing costs, internet and telephone platforms--along with maintaining our Heichal Halimud.
Raffle details:
Donate $54 or more to our annual campaign and enter a raffle to win something priceless. You can request anything as your prize, whether or not it has a price, and we will attempt to fulfill it; if we can't fulfill it you will get a $500 consolation prize.   For each time you donate $54, you will receive an entry into our raffle. For example, if you donate $54 we will put you down for one ticket, $108 we will put you down for two tickets etc. To be entered into the raffle, you must donate on the matchathon website (this years campaign) & enter your full name, address and phone number. Do not donate anonymously if you wish to be entered. Alternatively, if a donation is made outside of matchathon you can email, whatsapp or text your donation amount to the contact info below with the above information and request entry to the raffle. Prize: Whatever you want!!! It can be of monetary value or not. Last years winner chose an artscroll shas; while the guaranteed prize is at least $500 we still gave half of the shas, a $925 value! The drawing date is 13 Kislev, November 17th, and information on how to observe the drawing will be emailed to anyone who has provided an email. Who is in raffle and what they win will be public knowledge iy"h. An exclusion may be considered. Additional rules may apply.
We will contact you 3 times to notify you of the prize, using one or more of the ways of contact you provided.
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Anonymous $36.00
Esther Reizes Lowenbein $36.00
Levi Raskin $54.00
Anonymous $18.00
Chani Weinfeld
Great job!!
Chanie Katz $36.00
Rochie Sandhaus $18.00
Efraim & Menucha Rubin $36.00
Rivkah Wilhelm $36.00
rivkah Riven $36.00
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Nechama Padawer $3.00
Yossi & shifra Engel $36.00
Yosef Polter $250.00
Anonymous $36.00
Schneur Torenheim $18.00
Levi Zirkind $54.00
Eli Felberman
Yisoschor & Zevulin
Boruch W $54.00
Esther Reizes Lowenbein $36.00
CH Resident $100.00
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