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Bonus round funds will go toward covering the costs of the architect and permits. 

You have the special opportunity to bring the light of "770" to the center of the reform-movement

Founded 15 years ago, Yeshivas Lubavitch Cincinnati has inspired the hundreds of its Talmidim to bring out their fullest potential in their personal learning and growth as well as communal. 

"For 15 years, we have put so much effort that the atmosphere of the Yeshiva should be the atmosphere of 770", says Rabbi Gershon Avtzon, the Rosh Yeshiva. "When one walks into 770, they feel that Lubavitch is alive, the Rebbe is alive and the mission to bring Moshiach is alive. This has been our goal to instill such an atmosphere in our Yeshiva."
After thoroughly renovating the inside of the Yeshiva - kitchen, dining room, bathrooms, locker room and Beis Midrash - it was decided to finally remodel the outside of the Yeshiva in the shape of 770.  
Cincinnati is one of the places that the Rebbe chose to create a Yeshiva in the late 70's and having a 770 in Cincinnati will definitely strengthen the Hiskashrus of the Talmidim and  help bring the light of Geula to the world".
Thanks to our matchers, we have been able to raise half of the necessary amount and now we offer each of you the zechus to partner by buying "Bricks in 770" of Cincinnati!


Matching Donors
  • The Hirsch Family & Modway Furniture
    In memory of Rabbi Schneur Zalman Hirsch A"H

  • Rabbi & Mrs. Abi Vail and Family
    Rabbi & Mrs. Dovi Sperlin and Family
    Mr. & Mrs. Boruch Greenberg and Family 

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Thank you for helping us reach our campaign goal of $100,000,000!

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  • 150 dollars x 1 = 150 dollars
  • 350 dollars x 1 = 350 dollars
  • 770 dollars x 1 = 770 dollars
  • 1000 dollars x 1 = 1,000 dollars
  • 1800 dollars x 1 = 1,800 dollars
  • 3600 dollars x 1 = 3,600 dollars
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Moshe Gitlin $360.00
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Mordy and Rivky Katz $150.00
Chaim shmaya Wilhelm $100.00
Didy Waks
Great memories!
Menachem Bar $28.00
Levi Kurinsky
Levi Kurinsky
Nechama Goldenberg $18.00
Dr. Moses (Cincinnati) $50.00
moshiach now $36.00
Mordechai and Rivky Katz $100.00
Mendel Polichenco
In honor of Sholomke Bownstein
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Name Effective Amount
Cincinnati Alumni $23,834.00
Frumie's Team $8,212.00
Wolf Family $2,524.00
Movsikov Family $562.00
Moshe team $360.00