Shmuel Bass Torah Academy (TASA) Jewish Day School of San Antonio

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Now in its 10th year, the Shmuel Bass Torah Academy of San Antonio, San Antonio's only Jewish day school is reaching out to the community for support during our annual 48-hr match-a-thon fundraising campaign.

TASA is the only Jewish private day school in San Antonio and all of South Texas serving students Kindergarten through Grade 8. TASA caters to a diverse set of families with different interests, socioeconomic, cultural backgrounds and Jewish observance. Our education is led by compassionate and professional teachers and staff to ensure individual excellence. TASA curriculum is a healthy balance of vibrant and challenging college-preparatory academics for both Secular and Judaic studies, which we believe are complimentary and vital in preparing our students for the challenges that lie ahead in the classroom and in life. TASA is accredited through AdvancED-Cognia, the largest accrediting agency in the country. 

TASA was created in 2013 to provide Jewish children in San Antonio a secure sense of identity and culture through high-quality education programs while also instilling in them strong Torah values, ethics, and Middot.

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Matching Donors
  • AGS Granite
    The Griver Family
    The Diric Family
    Lior & Janet Hod Fund
  • Joe & Sylvia Olney
    Jon & Barbara Powell
    David & Arlene Starr
    Joe & Susan Furman
    Dr. Morris & Judge Rose Spector

How it Works

Thank you for helping us reach our campaign goal of $120,000!

Name Effective Amount
Sandy Laird
Sandy Laird
J.E. Wolfson $54.00
Anonymous $54.00
Deborah E Roos $250.00
Devorah & Binyomin Sanders $180.00
Michael A. Blumenthal $360.00
Shraga Zalmanov $101.00
Michel Ifergan
michel ifergan
_ $36.00
Laura Schnitzler $400.00
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Name Effective Amount
Click to view all 308 DONORS
Name Effective Amount
Team Marrus $14,564.00
Team Diric $13,576.00
Team Rosenwasser $8,208.00
Team Griver $8,086.00
Team Scheinberg $5,908.00
Team Karp $5,170.00
Team Endzweig $5,118.00
Team Goldblum $4,194.00
Team Teldon $3,534.00
Team Feinberg $3,392.00
Team Block $2,536.00
Team Varghese $2,508.00
Team Basurto $2,418.00
Team Altman $2,332.00
Team Grossbaum $2,220.00
Team Cabrera $1,942.00
Team Benish $1,858.00
Team Levin $1,800.00
Team Weingarten $1,796.00
Team Viramontes $1,620.00
Team Pearsall $1,608.00
Team Ashkenazi $1,500.00
Team Morales $1,440.00
Team Glassburner $1,400.00
Team Steiner $1,080.00
Team Ederi $1,080.00
Team Hayo $1,069.00
Team Spotswood $946.00
Team Feldman $720.00
Team Shvartz $668.00
Team Rossini $540.00
Team Shaul $508.00
Team Cantu $478.00
Team Mazuz $360.00
Team Nelson $360.00
Team Shapiro $308.00
Team Wood $200.00
Team Elias $72.00
Team Gal Or $36.00
Team Berenson $0.00
Team Marcushamer $0.00
Name Effective Amount
Yossi Marrus (School) $14,582.00
Jessica Diric $12,540.00
Yair Griver $8,136.00
Moshe Y Rosenwasser $7,848.00
Team Karp $5,224.00
Sarah Endzweig $5,118.00
Veronica Goldblum $3,826.00
Howard S Feinberg $3,644.00
Levi Teldon $3,570.00
Team Block $2,536.00
Basurto $2,518.00
Varghese $2,508.00
Brocha Leah Altman $2,332.00
Scheinberg $2,268.00
Levi Grossbaum $2,220.00
Team Benish $2,108.00
Team Cabrera $1,942.00
Team Levin $1,800.00
Weingarten $1,796.00
Team Viramontes $1,620.00
Alana Pearsall $1,608.00
Sandra Bernard $1,530.00
Haim & Keren Ashkenazi $1,500.00
Gabrielle & Gilda Morales $1,440.00
Louis Ederi $1,080.00
Steiner $1,080.00
Team Spotswood $946.00
Feldman $720.00
Amir & Batel Shvartz $668.00
Team Rossini $540.00
Sarah Cantu $532.00
Tal Shaul $508.00
Samantha Mazuz $360.00
Stefanie Nelson $360.00
Team Shapiro $308.00
Dina Wood $200.00
Ray Elias $72.00
Sasi Gal Or & Revital Shparaga $36.00