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BONUS GOAL $190,000

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You have the opportunity to enable the Yeshiva create more Chassidshe Leaders
Yeshivas Lubavitch Cincinnati ("770 - The Lubavitcher Rebbe Way") is synonymous with dedicated Chassidishe Chinuch and high academic achievement. The Talmidim are encouraged and inspired to strengthen their Hiskashrus to the Rebbe and to be passionate about our shlichus of preparing ourselves ,and the world, for the coming of Moshiach.
"We are so proud of our alumni, '' says Rabbi Gershon Avtzon, the Rosh Yeshiva. 
They have become Shluchim, Mechanchim,Chassidishe Balebatim and community-minded businessmen. One of our challenges is the inability to accept, and inspire, more Talmidim as there was no space in the dorm.  The Yeshiva is now in contract to buy the building right next door to Yeshiva for additional dorm space. This will make the Yeshiva experience more comfortable for our current and future students."
The Yeshiva has raised a significant amount of money to buy the property, and now need to raise the final $150,000.00 
Please partner with us today, as we build the leaders of tomorrow!


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  • Rabbi and Mrs. Moshe Toron

  • Rabbi and Mrs. Dovi Sperlin
    Rabbi and Mrs. Yossi Avtzon
    Rabbi and Mrs. Yisroel Yarmak
    Rabbi and Mrs. Abi Vail
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  • Mr. Yisroel Lipszyc
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Thank you for helping us reach our campaign goal of $190,000!

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Eric Rodwell
Good luck
Hesha - Forty Bricks $1,800.00
Rivka Junik
In honor of my einikl Yossi Hertzel
Shark Demolition - Fifteen Bricks $1,540.00
Yehuda Gabay - Three Bricks $300.00
Menachem Mathless $50.00
Steve and Gail Arnow - One Brick $100.00
nota kuperman - Two Bricks $200.00
Yechimelech Freedman $20.00
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Name Effective Amount
Click to view all 293 DONORS
Name Effective Amount
temimim $9,974.00
Teleshevsky Family $4,098.00
Bridgetoschool $3,228.00
Name Effective Amount
bochurim $6,162.00
Rabbi Teleshevsky $4,098.00
Granovetter $3,576.00