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BONUS GOAL $400,000

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You can make a world of difference!

In the classrooms of Rohr Bais Chaya Academy, Dina from Massachusetts, Chani from Iowa, Shaina from Florida, and many of their friends, are learning, growing, and internalizing Torah values each day. They are there through the generosity of people like you who recognize the immeasurable worth of educating our own children in the most enriching, warm, caring, and Chassidishe environment.

Your donation today ensures these girls can continue to flourish, be lamplighters of loving kindness and continuously change the lives of many.

Your support brings Heaven down to earth. Just play the video below, to see the impact of your contribution on the lives of thousands!


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  • Swift Buying Group

  • David Low &
    Associates, P.A.



  • Zichron Moshe Charitable Trust


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    שרה לאה בת אידעל בער
    מרים בת אברהם 

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Thank you for helping us reach our campaign goal of $400,000!

Name Effective Amount
Chaim & CM Stern
Go Liba!
Andrea Hammer $72.00
kaylee andrusier $36.00
Hazel Shockey $40.00
Yael Meegan $72.00
levi tennenhaus
In honor of Chaya'le Tennenhaus
Yeuda Stell
We love you Mom/Grandma! We love you too Rabbi Rabin...
Karen Einstein
Mazal tov!
Tzvi Berger $360.00
Jay Grossman $72.00
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Name Effective Amount
Click to view all 613 DONORS
Name Effective Amount
11th Grade $55,224.00
10th Grade $23,098.00
9th Grade $20,832.08
12th Grade $8,438.00
Rubin Family $636.00
Dahne Family $180.00
Name Effective Amount
Moshe Rabin $80,842.34
Tanya Rubin $396.00
Yonit Dahne $180.00