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For 38 HOURS ONLY every single dollar YOU give to Chabad of Mid Hudson Valley will be matched by a group of extraordinary benefactors to reach our goal of $150,000!
In 1987, Chabad of Mid Hudson Valley opened its doors, first operating out of our private home, then a storefront, until the purchase of our present property at 63 Vassar Road.

18 years ago we build a state of the art Mikvah at these premises. Thousands of kosher Mezuzahs were affixed on Jewish homes & dozens of pairs of Tefillin were distributed. Many homes were koshered. Torah classes, Hebrew School, women’s & children’s holiday events, all with the intention of bringing our fellow Jews closer to their G-d given heritage. Many brissin (Brit Milahs) were also held at our Chabad house, as well as Bar & Bat Mitzvahs.

The building of our Mikvah took up lots of space, making the area of our Shul & social hall very small. For the past few years, Services are being held upstairs which can not accommodate very many people. Our Hebrew School has outgrown our current space and we do not have any room to grow. Chabad has simply outgrown its present space for quite a long time. We have thus undertaken to build an addition to our present location which will include a new Shul, a social hall and office space. We believe that this is the only way to bring in more people, especially young families with children and have the new Shul & Center be a home and a haven for so many Jews who are searching for their roots.

About Chabad - Here are just a few of the programs and services provided by Chabad of Mid Hudson Valley: Chabad Hebrew School, Synagogue Services, a state of the art Mikvah, Holiday Programs, Youth Programs & Activities, counseling, Torah classes, Jewish Women's Circle, Community Outreach, Hospital and prison visitation and much more.

Chabad Lubavitch of Mid Hudson Valley is dedicated to strengthening and building the Jewish Community by offering local Jewish resources that bring more joy, spirituality, Jewish education, charitable activity, good deeds and blessing to our entire area.

We care about YOU not your affiliation. Regardless of your background, and however you choose to define your level of Jewish observance or identity, Chabad Lubavitch of Mid Hudson Valley can add spirituality, joy, study, community and connection for you and your family.


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