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To our Dear Friends and Supporters:
Chabad House at Rutgers University has grown in 39 years from a small rented room in the Student Center to a 90,000 square foot Chabad Center for Jewish Life in the heart of the university. Chabad House serves more than 5,000 students annually with a variety of programs, educational activities, counseling, social events, and Kosher Dining (3 times a day) and housing for 84 students.
Our Shabbat and Yom-Tov meal programs attract from 250 -500 students every week.  And we never charge for any Shabbat or Yom Tov meal! In fact, all our social and outreach programs are also free to any student!  The Shabbat and Yom Tov program alone is budgeted at $400,000.00 annually !!!  (The total operating budget of Chabad House exceeds $3,000,000.00).
We are requesting that you support this tremendous program that has changed thousands of lives with your contribution.  Every dollar contributed will be matched by our sponsor-partners with three dollars.   So your dollar is the equivalent of four dollars!!
Please help us today reach our goal of four hundred thousand dollars, to ensure the continuation of all Shabbat and Yom Tov meals for thousands of campus students!   
On behalf of all the young men and women on campus, we thank you and wish you a Happy Healthy New Year. 
To make an offline donation, please call 732-822-0655 


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  • Friends and alumni of Chabad House Lubavitch at Rutgers University

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Thank you for helping us reach our campaign goal of $400,000!

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Abraham Kemp $200.00
Sharon & Joel Glastein $720.00
B'Zchus Menachem Mendel ben Devorah Leah $2,160.00
Levana Duchman $288.00
Dr joel Goldstein $72.00
Uri Kapilowich
Maria kapilovich
Menahem Bazian
In Honor of: Yitzchak Bazian
Charles Gross $720.00
Ari Morrison $72.00
Dorit Kanik - = 10 Shabbat Meals $404.00
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Name Effective Amount
Click to view all 326 DONORS
Name Effective Amount
Shaya Shagalow $51,932.00
Baruch and Sarah Goodman $29,576.00
Devorah leah Davidoff $3,996.00
Rivka Greenberg $3,848.00
Noa Halff $1,612.00