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50 years ago, in 5727 (1967), on the eve of the Six Day War, the Rebbe launched Mivtza Tefillin (Tefillin campaign), explaining that through fulfilling the Mitzvah of Tefillin, the Jewish people will be secure and protected from their enemies. Soon afterwards, Rabbi Kuti Rapp A"H began his activities in New York's airports—putting on Tefillin with Jewish travelers, assisting them in performing other Mitzvos during holidays and throughout the year, as well as in all areas of Jewish life. Through this work, Rabbi Rapp merited to bring many Jews to the Rebbe, and bring many hearts closer to Torah and Chassidus.
Today, two years after R' Kuti's tragic passing, his son Yossi carries on his holy mission and the scope of Chabad of the Airport's activities has and continues to grow each day. Please partner with us to ensure that growth continues at an even faster pace, so Chabad of the Airport can continue to be a light to Jewish travelers until the coming of Moshiach.
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Abba Naparstek $10.00
simcha raskin $50.00
Yosef David Hasson
In merit of Yitzchak ben Bracha Chana
Chaya Matusof $18.00
Honor of Betzale-l Chaim ben Chashia
Honor of Fayga Devorah Chaya Mushka bas Shoshana
Mordechai Katz
l'ilui nishmas Hinda Bas Tzvi Hirsch
Avraham Katz - Economy $36.00
Chaim Cohen $300.00
Shmuly Shubov $20.00
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Name Effective Amount
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Name Effective Amount
Yosef Hershkop $3,263.53
Mendel Levin $2,266.00
Chanie Rapp $1,375.00
Yosef Rapp $137.00
Reb Yossel $126.00
Zalmy Bryski $108.00