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    A Friend of Chabad honoring Rabbi Yacov & Hindy Borenstein


    Michael Ettinger of the Ettinger Law Firm

    S. Levine 
     The Sicherman Family in Loving Memory of Dovid Levi

    Friends & pioneers of Chabad of Mid Hudson Valley:
    Peter Schwalbe and Jody Soltanoff | Avram Friedman
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A wonderful opportunity for our community to take a giant leap forward.
For the next 36 hours every dollar YOU give to Chabad of Mid Hudson Valley will be matched by a group of extraordinary benefactors to reach our goal of $50,000!
Every Dollar you donate is QUADUPLED!
A group of friends have provided an end of year challenge to help Chabad continue to flourish and grow. Each Chabad Center is self-supported.
Thank you for your generosity!

Motivated by a profound love for every Jew and spurred by a boundless optimism, Chabad sets into motion a dazzling array of programs and services to serve Jews from all walks of life.
$1 you give becomes $4.

$36 grows into $144!
$54 grows into $216!
$100 grows into $400!
$180 grows into $720!
$360 grows into $1,440!
$540 grows into $2,160!
$1,800 grows into $7,200!
$3,600 grows into $14,400!
$5,400 grows into $21,600!
Today you have the power to better the lives of children, adults and families in our community!
A unique opportunity is at hand which will allow you to make a huge impact in our community by partnering with us to promote Jewish pride through our educational programs.
We need YOUR help to raise $50,000 to achieve this milestone!
Remember: Your contribution today is an investment towards a stronger, more vibrant Jewish community in the Mid Hudson Valley.
How the campaign works:
During these 36 HOURS every single dollar YOU give to the Chabad of Mid Hudson Valley will be QUADRUPLET! by a generous group of Matchers to reach our goal of $50,000.
Donate now and SHARE the love with all your friends and family!

In order for crowd funding to truly be effective, it's critical that - in addition to your gift - you "Share" with your social media network, on your Facebook "timeline", Instagram page, Twitter or via email.
Hurry! Time is running out!!
Chabad of Mid Hudson Valley has faithfully served the community; providing opportunities for all to experience and study about our great Jewish heritage. We provide Hebrew School, Holiday programs, Hospital & Nursing Home visitation, Shabbat Services and much more. We have done this and continue to do this through our many wonderful programs and dedicated staff. We have been supported locally, keeping all donated dollars right here in our community. For more information please contact us at
[email protected] or call our office at 845-462-8470.

Remaining Time

Goal $70,000.00

Donated $70,917.00

Campaign Goal $70,000.00

Donated $70,917.00

Recent Donors
Team Name Effective Amount
Fundrasier Name Effective Amount
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Name Effective Amount
Yacov Borenstein $300.00
Yacov Borenstein $300.00
Yacov Borenstein $216.00
minoo pedoem-shapiro $140.00
Deborah Hayman $162.00
A friend of Chabad $54.00
Chana BORENSTEIN $75.00
Donna Pistiner $108.00
Naomi & Leivy Zupnik $108.00
minoo pedoem-shapiro $1,080.00
Avraham Moskozits $75.00
Dr and Mrs Michael Ritz $108.00
Shmuel Munkes $54.00
Jim Baker $150.00
Edwin Rowlings $375.00
Diane Arbeit $150.00
Adrienne R London $54.00
Moishe Borenstein $75.00
Mark Pasterich $1,200.00
Anonymous $54.00
leibel perlow $54.00
Richard Ludwin $300.00
Rochie Hirsch $54.00
Daniel Blachman $162.00
Kevin Minerley $108.00
Yanky & Ahuva $1,080.00
Anonymous $54.00
Malky Borenstein $108.00
Anonymous $300.00
Yechezkel Litzman $540.00
Lyn Goran $300.00
Meir Spielman $108.00
Barry Casowitz $75.00
Ronald Tatelbaum $540.00
Anonymous $162.00
Yosef Naftali Borenstein $54.00
Isaac and Rebecca Bruck $540.00
Peter & Karin Albenda $600.00
Arthur Menken $4,500.00
Anonymous . $300.00
Menachem Mintz $540.00
Menachem Borenstein $300.00
Shana Finnerman $150.00
Mr. Piano $180.00
ADS Advertising Services $54.00
Phillip Bayer $162.00
ADS Advertising Services $300.00
Dr Minoo Pedoem-Shapiro $280.00
Dina Polter $30.00
Ronald Cohn $270.00
A Friend of Chabad $60.00
Stephen Aronson $300.00
Charles Fliegler $150.00
Steven Berke $108.00
Anonymous $54.00
Sam Karbelnig $1,620.00
Aaron Sputz $300.00
Anonymous $60.00
David A Buchman $108.00
Bradley Sohn $216.00
Judy A. Lee in memory of Barry Lee $108.00
Joel Kelson $240.00
Michael BenEzra $162.00
A Friend of Chabad $100.00
Elliot Spiegel $500.00
Yehudis Abramowitz $400.00
Barry Kleinman $144.00
Abraham Grossbaum $400.00
Hershel & Chana Engel $400.00
Steven Spira $36.00
Leonard Plotke $72.00
Arlene Cohen $400.00
Hendel & Bracha Leah Weingarten $144.00
Yakov Telsner $40.00
Lubavitch of Palisades $3,080.00
Noach and Rivka Stein $400.00
Arlene Krakower $1,000.00
Moishe & Dinah Borenstein $216.00
Enid Goldstein $880.00
benichous $800.00
John Landau $200.00
john murray $216.00
Eli Zisman $400.00
Dr & Mrs. Weltin $500.00
Stan & Debbie Weibman $500.00
yehuda Borenstein $216.00
Samuel & Lillian Levine $400.00
Anonymous $36.00
Leonard Turetzky $500.00
Arlene Krakower $3,000.00
Dr Yul Rapoport $200.00
Yehudah and Rachel Sokel $400.00
Chaya Mushka Borenstein $100.00
Jason and Ruby Sultzer $2,000.00
a friend $80.00
Levi borenstein $500.00
Borenstein 37 $72.00
Martin K Kolt $80.00
Shmuel Lieberman $72.00
Samuel Book $400.00
Gurevich Family Foundation $4,000.00
Mendy and Tzippy Weiss $72.00
A friend $144.00
Nick Loguercio $240.00
Yaron Bello $72.00
Miriam BenEzra $144.00
Dr. Neil Hochman, in memory of Al Hochman $400.00
Devorah Goldstein & Family $100.00
Emmanuel & Dorothy Markus $400.00
Adriaan Finnerman $216.00
Michelle Blistein $2,000.00
Peter & Karin Albenda $2,000.00
Harold Friedman $864.00
Richard Finnerman $2,000.00
Chaim Rausman $1,668.00
Mrs. Sylvia Borenstein $240.00
Harold and Sharon Sokel $2,000.00
Jay & Devorah Abramowitz $400.00
David Sheidlower, In Honor of Elaine Sheidlower $1,000.00
In Loving Memory of Aryeh Leibish Ben Nachman Chaim $1,440.00
Anita Torsone $200.00
Tuvia Rotberg $400.00
Dr Justin Siegel $400.00
Stanley Silverman $72.00
Sheldon Kahan $720.00
Dr & Mrs Michael Axelrod $800.00
Dr Andrew Resler $480.00
Dr Allan Pollock $400.00
Member of the Shul $800.00
Mr & Mrs Alan Larkin $200.00
SZ & Mushkie Borenstein $100.00
Dr Robert Lustbader $600.00
Suzanne Horn $800.00
Sue Wolfsie $1,000.00
Sandra Schwarz & Family $400.00
Dr Marshall Breite $200.00
Irving and Ines Jacobson $800.00
Dr Michael Levavi $800.00
Barry Kleinman $1,000.00
Dr Robert Exelbert $400.00
Anonymous $400.00
Tzali & Chana Mala Borenstein $144.00
Yakov Dovid & Shayna $144.00
Howard Katz $400.00


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