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TODAY you have the power to become a partner in the Bonita, Estero & FGCU’s Jewish community’s dynamic Jewish education movement. Today you will become a partner with us in bringing the beauty, warmth and depth of Judaism to hundreds of families in the Bonita area through a wide array of programs geared to all segments of the community.

Every Friday, for the past ten years – volunteers have been going to the local senior facilities and private homes to bring a fresh challah and a smile. Often the only reminder that they are Jewish and have not been forgotten.

Chabad @ FGCU: Every Friday night, Jewish students come to Chabad for delicious food, amazing spirit, and a great Shabbat experience!

Throughout the week, Jewish students from all backgrounds come to explore their heritage through discussion groups, classes, and other fun events. We bring the holiday joy onto campus with large Sukkahs, outdoor Menorah events and we bring them home to Israel on birthright trips.

Chabad @ FGCU, is a place “where every Jew is family”. We are dedicated to the principles of Ahavat Yisrael, the unconditional love and concern for every Jew, regardless of background or affiliation.

These are just two of many educational, social and humanitarian projects that reach thousands of Jews. Your contribution will go a long way to maintain these programs and expand them so we can reach even more Jews in a non-judgmental way.

All of our funds come from donations from caring and conscientious individuals like you. Please help us raise (or surpass) our goal of $40,000 today by participating in this campaign.

How the campaign works.

FOR THE NEXT 36 HOURS ONLY Every single dollar YOU give to Chabad of Bonita/FGCU will be matched by a group of extraordinary benefactors to reach our goal of $40,000.

The campaign is ALL OR NOTHING – we must raise the full amount or donations will be returned.

Every penny you donate is TRIPLED!

Only 36 HOURS from start to finish

Donate now and SHARE the love with all your friends and family!

Remaining Time

Goal $40,000.00

Donated $41,904.00

Campaign Goal $40,000.00

Donated $41,904.00

Recent Donors
Team Name Effective Amount
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Name Effective Amount
The Ben-David Family $180.00
Leslie & Paula Harris $100.00
Bernard Chapnik $100.00
bernard chapnik $100.00
Nancy Yachnes $300.00
Oscar Yohai $540.00
Jane Zolot-Gassko $36.00
Richard & Nora Bernstein $100.00
allan shrem $180.00
Geri Feldman $180.00
Dr. Ron and Kathy Toll $250.00
gizella winder $100.00
Blime Deutsch $36.00
shalom $66.00
Philip Young $1,080.00
Chencin Family $540.00
Barbara Mehl $162.00
Harriet Greenwald $54.00
lea greenberg $162.00
paul friedler $540.00
Philip young Remodeling Co. $540.00
Richard Fuchs $162.00
Malka Von Weber $300.00
Ita and Mendy $300.00
Alex Flaxman $1,080.00
Cheryl Bernard $108.00
Justin Zimmerman $300.00
Jordan Ross $300.00
Jill Schein $54.00
Zalmen Drizin $162.00
Ryan Palecek $540.00
Ellen and John Fox-Snider $354.00
Moshe pinson $162.00
Charles Idelson $1,500.00
Refael & Denise Ben-David $354.00
David Berdugo $600.00
Martin Mittleman $750.00
Marsha Poster $300.00
Janet Ocel $162.00
Harry Klausner $162.00
Eli Labkowski $300.00
Daniel Gellman $300.00
nochum labkowski $108.00
Sandra Barwin $300.00
nochum and alti $900.00
Stephen Greene $300.00
Adina Shayowitz $30.00
Morris Dlin $540.00
Rosalie Nepom $300.00
Joy and Oren Cohen $150.00
Olitsky Family $1,500.00
Mendel Pinson $540.00
Arthur Gellman $900.00
Lisa Herman $54.00
Levi & Miriam Hodakov $240.00
In honor of our beloved grandchildren, Brandon, Lola, and Judah $1,500.00
Bill and Pepi Herbst $300.00
Yaacov S $54.00
Shmuel Aaron Forshner $162.00
Benyomin Klipper $75.00
Ellen Sirlin $162.00
Peretz Mockin $300.00
Levi Greenberg $162.00
Igor and Anika $600.00
Oscar Yohai $1,080.00
Adam Ryzenman $1,080.00
Al & Eileen Schwartz $300.00
Motti & Chaya $162.00
Marilyn Soffer $300.00
New York Friends $300.00
Israel Greenberg $384.00
Dov Drizin $300.00
Sarah Barash $54.00
Shmuly & Dini Druk $300.00
Dovid Labkowski $300.00
Taryn Sasser $300.00
Jay Berg $18.00
Sam and Rene Geist $540.00
Moses J Rubin $300.00
Ezra in Miami $162.00
El Gaucho Glatt Steakhouse $162.00
David & Zehavit Mandelbaum $540.00
Zali $1,500.00
Diane & Owen Hahn $5,400.00
In Honor of the Rabbi & Rebbetzin $162.00
Chaya Mushka Greenberg $60.00
Shlomo and Theresa $540.00
boruch greenberg $540.00
Yehoshua Greenberg (Buffalo) $162.00
Aron Eidelman $162.00
Jerry Cohen $1,080.00
A friend $108.00
Bella Altura $300.00
Pesha Greenberg $300.00
shalom $1,080.00
Dr. Marc Rosenblatt $1,080.00


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